Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about renting our boats for use on Lake Powell. If you need further help, please e-mail us at


Rental days start at 8 a.m. ARIZONA TIME, and the boat must be returned by 6 p.m., ARIZONA TIME with all your gear removed and full of fuel. You will be charged a half-day rental if you are more than 10 minutes late. There are no refunds for early return. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BRING A WATCH! Do not rely on the clock on your cell phone. You can set a watch to our time and then know when the boat must be returned. Three day rentals are a special rate. Additional days applied to the three-day rate will be charged the daily rate.

All standard safety equipment is included with all boats. You will receive 7 personal floatation devices (life vests), one throw cushion, one paddle, one anchor, one stern light, one full tank of gas and one good prop, two tie ropes, one bow line and four fenders, plus one fire extinguisher. You may rent ski equipment.

Our boats are not equipped with stereos, but you may bring your own.

We rent ski equipment which includes on tow rope, one vest, one safety flag, one harness, on set of skis (one of the two skis may be used for slalom).

You do not need a boat license, but renters must be 21 years of age with a valid drivers license.

Your pets are welcome on our boats, but you are responsible for the removal of all hair upon return.

All overnight rentals come with a porta potty. These must be returned empty and clean. When renting an overnight boat, we will provide you with locations for dumping and cleaning your porta potty.

You can only rent houseboats through the National Park Service authorized concessionaire. Summer rentals are generally sold out months and years in advance. For overnighting, we recommend the Donzi deck boat which offers the speed of the powerboat, and enough comfort for overnighting. You have the convenience of a porta potty and an ice chest. These boats are fast enough to ski behind. This boat is excellent for two to seven people. We do not rent houseboats.

All rental boats must be launched and retrieved by the party making the rental, due to National Park Service rules and regulations. Your vehicle must be equipped with a two-inch tow ball or we have tow vehicles available for your use. Our tow vehicles are available to use for $60 per roundtrip. On one-day rentals, you may keep the vehicle the entire day. On multiple day rentals, the vehicle must be returned to us after you have launched your boat and you will need to pick it up again to retrieve the boat. The tow vehicles are a service we provide our customers as the $60 use fee does not even cover the cost of fuel and insurance. This is a great value.

No, we do not. We rent from Big Water, Utah, which is 9 miles from Wahweap Marina and about 25 miles from Antelope Point Marina. Please note that you may take our boats anywhere on the lake you desire, HOWEVER, if you travel past mile 52 you do so at your own risk and will be responsible for towing your vehicle back should you require assistance.

While there is always a chance for a last minute rental, we highly recommend you make your reservations as soon as you have set your vacation dates. If we do not have availability, we can recommend other rental companies in the area.

All our rental boats use unleaded fuel which is available at all marinas. There is also a filling station between our rental location and the launch ramp. We recommend premium unleaded fuel when filling up on land. When filling up at the marina, please use the highest grade unleaded available.

Assuming you have made your reservations in advance, we will need to obtain your deposit and you will be given a 30 minute checkout with one of our staff members. This is also an opportunity for your to inspect the boat together with an employee.

We are located in Big Water, Utah (see contact page for map and directions), just nine miles from Lake Powell and Wahweap Marina.

If you run out of fuel, we will have to send Aramark out to either tow you in or bring you fuel. If this does happen you will be responsible for all fees charged by Aramark including towing costs and service fees. You will also be responsible for any late fees should you return the boat late as a result of running out of fuel.